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Back to the Future Monopoly

Monopoly goes back to the future! Want to travel from back to 1985, to 1955, to 1885, in the comfort of your own home? Back to the Future Monopoly provides hours of fun as you collect locations and time-hop through the world of the BTTF trilogy! The game board features properties taken straight from the films, including Café '80s and Doc's Mansion, plus die-cast metal game pieces of the time machine, Einstein the dog, the cowboy hat, the futuristic sneaker, the hoverboard, and the famous Hill Valley clock! Perfect for fans of Monopoly and the Back to the Future series, this classic game even comes packaged in a full-color box resembling a case of plutonium. Ages 8 and up. 2-6 players.

Contents include:
6 collectible tokens
28 tittle dead cards
16 FUTURE cards
16 PAST cards
2 Dice cards
32 Houses renamed Plutanium Rods
12 Hotels Renamed Putonium cases
1 Pack of BACK TO FUTURE Money
UPC:  700304046741
Package Weight (pounds):  2.25
Package Length (inches):  16
Package Width (inches):  11
Package Height (inches):  2
Package Cubic Feet:  0.2
Package Dimensional Weight:  2.53
Carton Weight (pounds):  14.65
Carton Length (inches):  14
Carton Width (inches):  17
Carton Height (inches):  12
Carton Cubic Feet:  1.65
Carton Dimensional Weight:  20.55
Country of Origin:  United States
Age:  8+
Gender:  Unisex