Dexter 3 3/4-Inch Action Figure in Tin Tote with Blood Slide Box

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Dexter 3 3/4-Inch Figure with Blood Slide Box in Tin Tote

  • Gift set based on Showtime's hit series Dexter.
  • Includes a themed tin tote, blood slides, slide box, and 3 3/4-inch action figure!
  • Hide your blood slides and victim data in the air-conditioner lunch box!
  • The figure features 10 points of articulation, plus a camera and ID badge. Just like Dexter, you can hide your blood slides and victim data in this themed tin tote that looks like an air conditioner and features the Dexter logo. In fact, inside the metal lunch box you'll find 3 blood slides, a wooden slide box, and a 3 3/4-inch action figure of the serial-killer serial killer himself… complete with camera and ID badge. This gift set includes them all! Made by Bif Bang Pow!, the tote measures approximately 8 5/8-inches wide x 6 3/4-inches tall x 4-inches deep, while the slide box measures about 7 1/2-inches long x 4 1/4-inches wide x 2-inches tall.

    The included blood slides include:
    1x Alex Timmons (Dexter's first-ever blood slide)
    1x Mike Donovan (Dexter's first kill from Season 1)
    1x Travis Marshall (Dexter's final slide)

    In the super-popular Showtime TV series, Dexter is a blood-spatter expert for the Miami Police Department by day that spends his nights going after serial killers and other bad people.

  • UPC:  814826016257
    Package Weight (pounds):  1.7
    Package Length (inches):  9
    Package Width (inches):  7
    Package Height (inches):  4
    Package Cubic Feet:  0.15
    Package Dimensional Weight:  1.81
    Carton Weight (pounds):  7.25
    Carton Length (inches):  17
    Carton Width (inches):  10
    Carton Height (inches):  9
    Carton Cubic Feet:  0.89
    Carton Dimensional Weight:  11.01
    Country of Origin:  China
    Age:  18+
    Gender:  Unisex
    Celebrities: Michael C. Hall